Prisoner Justice Day

I am writing on behalf of the T.O.D.D. Support & Advocacy Foundation to invite you to join us on Prisoner Justice Day at The Alberta Legislature for a day of remembrance and awareness. Prisoner Justice Day is August 10th and it is intended to honour those who have died and who suffer while in custody. We will honour these people by sharing their stories, raising awareness about the conditions of their confinement and asking for meaningful changes through music, art and speech. 

Some of the issues that are affecting prisoners, their loved ones and our communities that we will be focusing on are human rights, aboriginal and female overrepresentation, mental health, addictions, trauma, solitary confinement and segregation, access to healthcare, neglect, suicide, family and public notification, enhanced training, community responsibility and alternatives to incarceration. We will be meeting at four in the afternoon, at the bottom of the main legislature stairs in front of the fountains. We will share, listen, invite others to do the same and hope to help educate.

We would be delighted to hear from you with any questions, concerns or feedback that you may have. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to seeing you and those you choose to share this invite with on Prisoner Justice Day.

Take good care,

Elizabeth Leenheer
T.O.D.D. Support & Advocacy Foundation
Phone: 780 – 991 – 8402
Fax: 780 – 638-1749

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