Prisoner Justice Day 2017

The T.O.D.D. Support and Advocacy Foundation would like to formerly invite you to join us for a Flash Mob Round Dance on August 10th 2017 in honor of Prisoner Justice Day. It will take place from 5-7 pm at the Alberta Legislature building on the main stairs in front of the fountains (10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton).

This is one of our opportunities to bring awareness to and to honor those who have died or who are still suffering while in custody.

It is our hope to show how indigenous and non-indigenous nations can come together and show support for a cause that affects us all; even when we don’t realize it.

Last year, August 10th, 2016, was officially proclaimed as Prisoner Justice Day by Mayor Don Iveson. So, this year we want to make a statement through attendance.

In an effort to get record attendance this year we apologize if you get this invitation more than once but also consider it a good thing 😊

Please share this invitation and feel free to post/and share the attached evite and poster.

In closing if you are or know any singers/drummers please encourage them to come (and bring hand drums), for without them this event will not be possible!


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