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The following is a list of shared experiences that we have found to be helpful. The intent of sharing these is not to hurt. Please take what you need and leave the rest.


A radical grief

New hope of freedom for those given mandatory life sentences as juveniles

The Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom of Truth and Justice


A House in the Sky by: Amanda Lindhout

As I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakeable Faith in Unimaginable Circumstances by: Carol Kent

Just Mercy by: Bryan Stevenson

The Path of the Buffalo Medicine Wheel by: Camille Pablo Russel

The Reason You Walk by: Wab Kinew

The Unvarnished Truth about the Prisoner Family Journey by: Carolyn Esparza Lpc & Phillip Don Yow Sr.

Through the Glass by: Shannon Moroney

Walking After Midnight: One Woman’s Journey Through Murder, Justice and Forgiveness by: Katy Hutchison


 Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy 

In Harms Way 

The Ripple Effects of Crime and Punishment 


We Need to Talk About Injustice

 Dads Behind Bars Hold Their Kids for the 1st Time – The Look on Their Faces Wrecked Me

Life With Murder 

Bonding Through Bars 

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